1/ The first meeting

We arrange the first meeting, ideally before the electricity, water and the sewerage are installed. We will go through what the interior should look like to meet your expectations. Please feel free to send me the ground plan of the interior if you have it, do not worry if you don’t have it.  The meeting will happen at your place, we will talk about all possibilities. However, I will need some time to get familiar with the space / area, interior /.

2/ Price

Price depends how big the project is. Is it the whole interior or part of it? You have to tell me what you need and I will prepare the time plan and the price.

3/ Proposal

Once everything is agreed, I’ll start preparing the draft of the plan. I will start to work on the functionality of the rooms, the furniture and the ergonomics. Then I can focus on the parts associated with the main construction of the interior – the kitchen, the bathroom and the lighting. Following on is the choice of the interior parts and material / furniture, lighting and flooring …/. During the meeting we will sketch and talk about all possible solutions. If you wish, I can accompany you to any interior studio. I cannot give you the solution or proposal straight away after you give me own ideas. Nothing is catered in a drawer. Everything needs time to be properly processed. At the end of all the procedure the proposal will by transferred into the realistic visualization of the interior.

4/ Preparation time

Design is a process and takes time. We shall investigate together, talk and think about different solutions until we’re sure it meets your criteria. Then we start to  carry out the proposal.

5/ Cooperatin with suppliers

I will draw a design plan for individual suppliers / electricity, plumbing, sewerage etc. /. If a drawing is needed, it can be prepared for unusual furniture or parts of the furniture. Once we agree, the supplier will prepare the quotation. It is your choice whether you want me to supervise the whole process of the project. This is not a construction supervision. If a complete reconstruction of the interior is needed, then you should hire a construction manager. He prepares the budget, supervises all the construction , which definetely saves your time and money.

6/ How long it takes?

The date for proposals depends on what you require and my possibilities. The whole length of the project from the beginning to the end also depends on individual suppliers we have chosen.

Estimated time:

design and implementation of a new flat
assumption of 8 months

design and implementation of the flat reconstruction
assumption of 10 months

design and implementation of a new home
assumption of 12 months

design and implementation of the house reconstruction
assumption of 18 months